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I was in Dr. Goldis’ office last month when I saw a box sitting in the corner. I inquired about what it was and he explained to me that it was the EZ Eliminator. It is used by people or patients who have problems going to the bathroom due to back problems or constipation caused by subsequent pain medication use. I said I’d like to give it a try because I have both problems and I just love it.

Ginger Peters - 2018

I received the EZ eliminator about 2 weeks ago and all I can say is you’ll love this. It really works!

Tony Bolden - 2019

I am writing to let you know about the EZ Eliminator that you allowed for me to try for constipation. It works wonders. I no longer struggle with constipation as it helps me to elevate constipation that I no longer have. My bowels are moved easily and I would rate the EZ Eliminator with five stars!!! I would highly recommend the EZ Eliminator to anyone with constipation issues or with bowel moving to any and everyone. “What a great invention this is” I would state to whomever it is that came up with this invention (EZ Eliminator). Thank you very much for the suggestion or should I say for you mentioning it to me for me to try. I love it. Thank you very much again.

Linda Brown - 2018

I was at Dr. Goldis’s office in Stratford N.J. And purchased an EZ Eliminator for home. Liked it so much I went back to the office after 1 week and purchased 2 more, one for each bathroom. I recommend the EZ Eliminator very highly!

Stuart Frederic - 2018

The EZ eliminator "is a great idea, especially for nursing home patients or older folks living at home..."!

Wisconsin Innovation Center

Amazing product and so helpful! Originally bought this for a family member who is getting up in age but my daughter pulled a hamstring and is on crutches for a week, so she used it to assist using the bathroom. It is perfect! My daughter tends to eat a lot of crap and as a result, is constipated at least 1 or 2 times a week. This helped her with a bowel movement and it helped her get up and down on the toilet with no problems!

Miss Vee - 2018

I like the EZ eliminator’s adjustable foot rests. I can rest my feet on the base or I can use either of the other two levels by adjusting the rungs. The vertical beam and handles provide extra support and balance if you need it. The light weight unit is easy to move out of the way when not in use.

Katherine Martin - 2017

What a product! Struggling to go is no longer an issue. Your product gives me the unique ability to get in the proper squat position but also use my upper body strength, without having to grab on to the side of the bowl or hang on to the handicap rails. It wish there was one in every bathroom I use.

E. Cerminaro - 2017

I recommend EZ Eliminator as an essential healthy living aide for all of my patients! They have always been pleased with the results.

Dr. Michael Goldis, Goldis Primary Care & Geriatrics

Dr. Goldis, Board Certified Geriatrician, on EZ Eliminator

Multiple Positions and Configurations

Feet flat on toilet stool
Feet on first rung of toilet stool
Toilet stool in reverse position

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Dr. Michael Goldis on EZ Eliminator - What is it?

Dr. Michael Goldis on EZ Eliminator - What is it?

Michael Edward Goldis DO, FACOI, MS Biology, BS Pharmacy Toilet assistance solution November 29, 2020 EZ Eliminator - What is it? EZ Eliminator is ...
Save on Money, Time and Elder Care and Effort

Save on Money, Time and Elder Care and Effort

EZ Eliminator allows for much more effective clearing of the bowels, reducing or eliminating the need for laxatives  This obviously saves money. Mo...

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