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Dr. Michael Goldis on EZ Eliminator - What is it?

Dr. Michael Goldis on EZ Eliminator - What is it?
Michael Edward Goldis DO, FACOI, MS Biology, BS Pharmacy Toilet assistance solution November 29, 2020 EZ Eliminator - What is it? EZ Eliminator is ...

Save on Money, Time and Elder Care and Effort

Save on Money, Time and Elder Care and Effort
EZ Eliminator allows for much more effective clearing of the bowels, reducing or eliminating the need for laxatives  This obviously saves money. Mo...

Happy Patient Feedback, Testimonials, User Satisfaction: It WORKS!

Hear what Dr. Goldis' patients have said after using EZ Eliminator. 

EZ Eliminator for More Effective Constitution

Dr. Goldis explains why EZ Eliminator results in better general health through more effective constitution. 

Upright Design of EZ Eliminator Gives You Superior Health

Dr. Goldis explains why the physician determined upright design of EZ Eliminator leads to superior health and makes it better than other toilet sto...

Advice to Physicians on EZ Eliminator Benefits for Patients

Dr. Goldis speaks to physician colleagues about the EZ Eliminator toilet stool and its many benefits to patients.

Dr. Michael Goldis on EZ Eliminator Toilet Stool

Check out Dr. Michael Goldis' golden advice on using the EZ Eliminator.

Get rid of laxatives for good with EZ Eliminator

Save time. Save money. No more laxatives. No more constipation. Improve your life. Listen to advice from Dr. Michael Goldis, an experienced geriatr...

EZ Eliminator, Not Just Another Toilet Stool

Let's face it. Defecating can sometimes be hard. When we face challenges, we need tools that enable us to take on the task at hand. EZ Eliminator i...