EZ Eliminator, Not Just Another Toilet Stool

Let's face it. Defecating can sometimes be hard. When we face challenges, we need tools that enable us to take on the task at hand. EZ Eliminator is the best tool for this job, letting go of your stool. 

It is more than your typical toilet stool. It combines a stool, foot rest and hand bar (for pulling and support). These combine to produce the optimal bathroom defecation experience. You can raise your legs while pulling in with your hands to bring your upper body down. The foot rest height can also be adjusted.

This product is designed and recommended by experienced and expert physicians for the perfect bathroom experience. The EZ Eliminator is portable and built of high quality, thick and strong plastic. It has rubber feet which keep it firmly in place on the bathroom floor.

EZ Eliminator surpasses competing products by combining the foot stool concept with a vertical beam and bar to pull down your upper body. This gives you that extra needed "crunch" to completely empty out your system even when you are constipated. Other products only give you half of this experience!

EZ Eliminator is the perfect pooping stool. It is designed for all ages and body types and elderly (geriatric) and/or weak users will find the upper body support especially helpful. Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED or your money back! Made in USA. The only toilet assistance stool device awarded a utility patent by the US PTO (Utility Patent #6/681410-B1).