Dr. Michael Goldis on EZ Eliminator - What is it?

Michael Edward Goldis DO, FACOI, MS Biology, BS Pharmacy

Toilet assistance solution

November 29, 2020

EZ Eliminator - What is it?

EZ Eliminator is a physician-designed toilet assistance solution beneficial for all ages. It is particular suitable for older users who need extra support and a strength boost when going to the bathroom. It raises the legs to induce the natural squatting position which makes releasing excrement much easier. It promotes regular, full bowel movements and reduces habitual constipation. This helps prevent hemorrhoids. It also keeps stool softer and prevents injury to delicate anal mucous membrane. It protects against hard stools.This helps prevent constipation and promotes overall good health.      

The patented vertical support being uniquely provides upper body support which is vital for older and weaker users. It's unique features make it the only similar device to receive the utility patent from the USPTO. Not only does it provide extra support but it also allows the user to pull forward to increase the bodies "crunching" mechanism required to expel fecal matter. With this feature, easy eliminator surpasses competing products by combining both upper and lower body strength for a healthier bathroom experience. EZ Eliminator helps to achieve fewer, shorter bathroom visits and better overall health. It minimizes time wasted on defecating at the toilet and its associated care. Elder care facilities like nursing homes, geriatrics medical care facilities, adult daycare facilities and hospitals can experience reduce bathroom care times through it to use.

It was designed to address a key deficiency in the western toilet design which takes away natural squatting there by reduces the ability to fully expel and illuminate fecal matter from the anus. It allows angulated foot placement for greater effectiveness and comfort. This is lacking from similar products that allow flat feet only. Its vertical support beam is ideal for elderly people and its stability can prevent falling incidents. It saves money on the cost of laxatives and purgatives.