The EZ Eliminator Toilet Assistance Stool

EZ Eliminator is a physician-designed toilet assistance device that makes it easier to eliminate waste from the body. It raises the legs and pulls in the upper body to induce the best (natural) squatting position. Its vertical beam design is vital for older users who need extra support and strength to effectively use the toilet.

Optimum Position: The optimum squatting position achieved by EZ Eliminator makes releasing excrement much easier by straightening and expanding the natural passageway for it to exit. It prevents constipation and promotes overall good health.

Upper Body Support: The patented vertical beam uniquely provides upper body support which is vital for older and weaker users. This beam also allows the user to pull forward, which increases the body’s “crunching” mechanism required to expel fecal matter. With this feature, EZ Eliminator surpasses regular toilet stool products by combining both upper and lower body strength for a healthier bathroom experience.

Many Options: EZ Eliminator is configurable and flexible. It can be used forwards or backwards with three options for foot height: base, first height and second height.

EZ Care: Using EZ Eliminator results in fewer, shorter bathroom visits and therefore eases the care of the elderly.

Click here for the assembly instructions video.