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Physicians Who Know

EZ Eliminator is a product brought to you by the vision of physicians with the combined experience of almost a century dealing with patients with all sorts of different conditions and ailments.

Dr. Abbas Husain, MD

Dr. Husain, of Cherry Hill, NJ, is the inventor and original creator of the EZ Eliminator toilet assistance product. In fact, he was experimenting with prototypes way back in the 1970’s! That makes EZ Eliminator pretty much his lifelong mission! Improving the lives of his patients, especially the elderly, always has been the driving factor which motivated him to bring his initial concept to fruition as an actual high quality product.

Dr. Michael Goldis, DO

Dr. Michael Goldis, also of Cherry Hill, NJ, has been a colleague of Dr. Husain for decades. However, as an expert geriatric specialist, he was a natural co-visionary for the EZ Eliminator. It was inevitable for them to work together. Dr. Goldis’ insights into the needs and requirements of the elderly has been an invaluable asset that has greatly enhanced the EZ Eliminator.

The “Doctor Duo”

Both Dr. Husain and Dr. Goldis have been blessed with a very high degree of patient satisfaction. Their prowess has resulted in a fantastic product that serves the needs of the elder like no other competing “toilet stool” or bathroom assistance device. Together, they make the “EZ Eliminator Doctor Duo”.