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Are you over 45 years old

Do you suffer from constipation or difficulty on the toilet?

Is using the bathroom too hard and something you dread?

Do you need extra support and strength while taking care of business on the toilet?

Man on EZ Eliminator Toilet Assistance StoolThe EZ Eliminator toilet stool was designed by expert physicians just for you.

Hi, I'm Dr. Michael Goldis of Goldis Geriatrics Primary Care. I'm a board certified geriatric physician with over 40 years of solid experience. I know the needs of older people because I treat them and interact with them every day.

So, what is a toilet stool? In the western world, we have gotten used to the modern toilet which decreases our body's natural ability to release feces.

You surely noticed that cats and dogs squat when they defecate, right?

Did you know the rest of the world does the same with a squat toilet?

Squatting is a natural position which optimizes the body's waste removal. 

Typical toilet stools all offer the same basic benefit. They raise your legs and make excrement exit faster by putting you in the squatting position.

But these toilet stools ignore the special needs of older people, like you and I.

Many older people don't get what they need from those basic stools. They need more support. They need more strength. EZ Eliminator gives older people what they need.

EZ Eliminator makes it easy to eliminate feces, even for the old and weak.

Here is why EZ Eliminator beats a basic toilet stool, especially for older folks:

It has a patented vertical strength beam with handle bars. You can lean on it for support. You can also pull in on the handle bars. This compresses your abdomen much more than a basic toilet stool does.

Those "other stools" also force you to use only your abdominal muscles to make this happen. It's a lot of pressure. EZ Eliminator combines your abdominal PLUS arm PLUS hand power. That is where the extra strength comes in!

That is why it is so much more effective (and appropriate) for older people.

This is patent protected and you can't find it anywhere else. 

You can place your feet at three different levels. It is also reversible. One size fits all. Flexible choices in one device. Find and choose the foot level that suits you best. Use it forwards or reverse it.

The curve in the spine ensures that each direction gives you a slightly different position to choose from.




My patients love EZ Eliminator and they tell me about the great results they get with it all the time. It's the new 'bathroom buddy'. It makes relieving themselves a much easier and more struggle-free experience.

EZ Eliminator Toilet Assistance Stool

I believe in this product and I fully support it. I use it myself and I readily prescribe it to my patients. It's the #1 way to go #2.

If you want better health and a superior bathroom experience, I highly recommend you give our product, EZ Eliminator, a try. 

This vertical beam and base are made of very thick, high strength materials selected carefully for the purpose of being a pillar of support, no matter what your body size or weight are.

If you are spending too much time in the bathroom, EZ Eliminator can decrease that time for you. 



Great EZ Eliminator overview by Dr. Michael Goldis:


Save time. Save money. No more laxatives. No more constipation. Improve your life. Listen to advice from Dr. Michael Goldis, an experienced geriatrician, on the many benefits of the EZ Eliminator toilet stool for people of any age.

 Use EZ Eliminator for more effective constitution and better general health:

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